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viernes, 10 de agosto de 2007

food pyramid

•Fat, oil, and sugar:candy, Ice cream cone, chocolate, cookies,Oil the olive,butter, cream,cheese and milk.
•Meat and other protein: Chicken, fish, steak, beef,eggs,pasta and beans.
•Fruit: strawberries, watermelon, apple, pear, orange,
•Vegetables: lettucce, cabbage, brocoli, spinach, carrot,tomatoes and potato.
•Grains: rice and beans
•Dairy: Milk cream and cheese
•Raquel Fleire:
•Born: 8 july 1989 in Maracaibo- Venezuela.
•Study education in Urbe.


vOn Friday: On Friday in the morning I went to Urbe and studied whith my friend.
In the afternoon I visited my father and talked on the phone.
In the nigh I went to sleep but
I didn‘t whatch tv.
vOn Saturday: On Saturday in the morning I eaten bread whic cheese and milk for breakfast.
In the afternoon I whatch tv whih my family in my house
In the nigh I went aut to a party whih my brother,
I dance very much.
vOn Sunday: On Sunday In the morning I went to the park
I play why my family
In the afternoon I whatch television
In the night I studied English.



Secretary: good afternoon can I help you?
Ms. Lorena: good afternoon, I need an appointment with Doctor Carla
Secretary: It is ok she says to wait a moment.
Ms. Lorena: ok thank you.
Secretary: dra. Carla you have a patient waiting for you.
Dra. Carla: ok tells her to came in.
Secretary: came in.
Ms Lorena: good afternoon dra. Carla I feel terrible I have a horrible stomachache I want to` diet.
Dra. Carla: explain to me what you fell lately.
Ms. Lorena: I have lot of acidy and sometimes stomachache.
Dra. Carla: ok do you have a good diet?
Ms. Lorena: Carla, I have many problems with my work and my studies, so I don’t eat anything but quick food or ; if I am alone I don` t eat anything until I come home at night.
Dra. Carla: I think you have gastritis I recommend you the following treatment: one spoon of cal ox every night before sleeping for six days, then come back to evaluate your treatment.


My talent

my talent is to bake cakes.

my favorite is "torta fria".

I pupane the cakes on the week

jueves, 9 de agosto de 2007

25 of december

  • Date, season, length
    The date to be celebrated they are the 24, 25 and 31 of december and the 01 January by the first day of the new year
  • Reasons for liking or not likingI like much because these celebrations are very pretty and i like everything of them
  • Religious / or other significance
    Also in this occasions it is accustomed to attend church 24, 25, 31
  • Commercial SignificanceIn Maracaibo there in many center commercial to visit and to enjoy in these date and they are the Sambil, Lago moll, Doral center moll
  • Activities: dancing, visiting, etc.
    There are many luares to visit like discotecas, restaurant, but us serious better to visit the home of the family and friends
  • Personal Celebrations ( I.E. in family)
    The family reune to celebrear it, all uniting and are costubres in all the family
  • Customs. Decorations Food, present, giving, etc:The Place that are customary for decoral in christmas are: Av. 5 de Julio, Bella Vista,El milagro